Hi, we are Natasha and Costas Medici!!

We have combined our experiences to create our Love Life Fitness Community, to help guide others on their journeys no matter what hurdles they need to overcome. Through our community we support, educate and promote healthy living without restriction and guilt, by focussing on health, fitness and wellbeing.

We understand loss of direction and lack of determination, trust me!! We have been there, that frustration and anxiety to want to change your current life situation and not knowing where to start.  But as the saying goes, “everything happens for a reason”.  Out of battling through our own struggles came experiences and gratitude, and the desire to contribute to others, and was necessary to allow us to get where we are today.

Through our own journeys we have arrived in a place of happiness, living a life we cherish. Our passion is helping others to reach their fullest potential and to have healthier happier lives. We have one life and that life is a true gift, so we must do it justice and live our lives being the very best versions of ourselves.

Love Life Fitness