Meet Costas

Hello, my name is Costas Medici

I am a husband and father to two incredible kids, Christian and Sebastian. My beautiful wife Natasha and I have always worked very hard in order to make ends meet and to keep up with the demands of everyday life. We ended up opening a miniature golf course on a beautiful island in Greece.

The business was seasonal, and unfortunately was not enough to cover our needs as we were only open for 6 months out of the year. So we tried branching out and opened a few more businesses - again summer season ones as that’s all we could do on the island.

The winter times continued though to be tough, with nothing to do, nowhere to go. My everyday routine consisted of me ending up in front of the TV for endless hours of beer, wine and junkfood. I stopped going to the gym as I had lost any motivation I had to do so.

I knew at this point that something needed to change in my life...

Then one day it happened!

My wife sent me to the post office to pick up a package we had received. It was the DVD set of the INSANITY workout with Shaun T. She showed me what it was about, and I knew right then that's exactly what I needed! We tried it together on the first day and instantly fell in love with it.

We stuck with the program for the full 60 days, seeing amazing differences in our bodies, health and state of mind. It was an incredible journey that turned our life around!

It wasn't until years later, when the coaching opportunity came to the UK, that we decided to become coaches ourselves.

Since then, we have been dedicating ourselves to sharing our journey, and helping others get healthier, happier and become the best version of themselves.

So don’t be afraid to take that first step towards your happiness and well-being.

I have personally seen how these programs can TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND!!