Meet Natasha

Hi, my name is Natasha

As a working mum of two gorgeous boys, and a business owner wife, I totally understand the pressure of a fast paced lifestyle, while trying to reach the end of your daily schedule.

Trying to fit into the social demands that as mums we need to look good, while working and raising children, not forgetting to walk the dog and being a “perfect” wife, can leave us mentally and emotionally drained.

And yet… through committing to becoming the best version of myself, I have become so much more capable to complete the things I truly care about within my life.

How did I make such a lifestyle change?

Flash back to 2009 right after the birth of my second son Sebastian...

For those of you that have had a child suffer with colic, then you will totally get me. Watching him cry and not being able to do anything to comfort him was taking its toll on me, physically, mentally and emotionally. Put this together with my persistent anxiety, and the emotional mess of becoming a parent:

I was DONE, upset, lacked motivation, lacked sleep, and caring for my new son was just about the only thing I could manage.

Then I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, that special ad on TV, that ad, you must know what I'm talking about. The crazy, energetic man dancing around on the TV telling everyone “you can do it”, and that was the start of my journey - I ordered that DVD that same day.

Even the thought of attending a gym would make me cringe, I’ve never felt comfortable working out in front of people, and by the time it took me to even get to a gym, my motivation would be taken over by anxiety.

But Shaun T spoke to me that night and said I could do it...

My Transformation

By using his DVD not only did I discover my love for home workouts, but I discovered self-love. I committed to a better life, a structure to build myself back up. I worked out once a day and committed to changing my diet.

It wasn't easy, I struggled, wow did I struggle but on that last day of the 8 week program it was finally tears, but this time it was tears of joy.

I suddenly realised that I had the power to control my future and wellbeing. I can honestly look at myself in the mirror and say I am giving it my all.

The coaching opportunity launched many years after I experienced my first transformation with a Beachbody program, and when a dear friend mentioned it, DAMN!!!

I knew it was my calling, I knew that this program worked, I've done it, I've felt it, it saved me and taught me how to improve my mental and physical wellbeing. So it’s only my duty to pass my experience on to others that need this in their life.

We are all in different stages of life, but the amazing thing is, we actually have control over our future selves. I am dedicated to my journey as a Beachbody coach, growing in strength, passion and confidence and to help provide support and motivation when you need it most. When you are ready to take control of your journey, I've got your back.

Reach out and let's start your story, we are in this together!